Data on the Spanish Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE)

Legal data concerning is the property of

Bosis 2007 S.L
with an address at Es Migjorn Gran, Balearic Islands, 07749 Spain
Tax number: B57483604
Registry information: Inscribed in the Mercantile Register of Minorca in  Volume 110, Book 0, Folio 179, Page IM-4951

The website is used for marketing purposes by Bosis 2007 S.L (its owner) as an independent business (marketing).


0. The user of or visitor to the website has the obligation of reading the service provision conditions which are detailed in this text, so that he/she can accept these as valid in the provision of the service.

1. Aims of the website: The website is used for business purposes by means of the marketing which it presents on its webpages.

2. Conditions for content and service provision use on this website:

2.1.- The reproduction of content of whatsoever type published on is not permitted without the express consent of the owner of the website. This means text, graphics, source code, or whatever other content which is accessed on this website.

2.2.- There may be third-party content on this website. Whatever the instance, it is always our intention to respect both author rights and copyright. Were there ever to be the slightest problem as to the material published on this website, please get in contact by email to reservas(at) and such content (having been confirmed) will be withdrawn with the greatest dispatch possible, as it is primarily the intention to respect author rights and the work of others.

2.3.- The author of this website - - is not responsible for the use by others of content shown on it.

2.4.- The website is financed for and used businesswise by means of the marketing shown on it, and there is no other type of business use made of it.

2.5.- The website does not collect any type of private information from a visitor. (See Privacy policy). Data are only duly collected to make use of so-called 'cookies' for the proper functioning of the system.

2.6.- The author of is not responsible for the malfunctioning of the computer system or the service provided by this website, though every effort is made to offer the best of services.

2.7.- The author of the website uses it as a publicity and marketing tool and is not responsible for faulty service nor for problems arising as to the marketed services, so that the marketing and subsequent services to which the website refers are the sole responsibility of the person(s) publishing them.

2.8.- On the website, there is NO illegal content such as child pornography, defence of terrorism, or any other type whatsoever of illegal content.

In the event that contains forums:

3. Conditions on the content and services provided use in the forums on

3.1.- The use of these forums is reserved solely as a Message Board between Internet professionals in the sector. It is not allowed to use a forum on to send SPAM, off-topic marketing, capture e-mail addresses, nor any other other form of illegal activity.

3.2.- is not responsible for any opinion offered in these forums, such being the total responsibility of its own author.

3.3.- reserves the right to annul, delete, expunge, or deny access to any user who does not comply with any legal or moral rule or regulation.

3.4.- does not store or market any type of data of a commercial or similar nature uploaded to these forums. Messages and data are stored as such for sole purpose of the service at which the forum aims, which is to inform and serve as contact between professionals.

3.5.- The reproduction of forum content on is prohibited without prior authorisation.

3.6.- For any problem in this regard, contact should be made to the email address: reservas(at)

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