Booking conditions

Booking information


Upon making a booking, a payment is made of a specific amount by way of a booking deposit in order to guarantee that the guest completes the remaining conditions of the booking. This payment is applied to the cost of the stay or to indemnify a cancellation. The deposit will be a percentage of the total amount envisaged for the booking, taking into account in making up the calculation: the number of days of the intended stay, the type and number of rooms chosen, any additional beds, the rates and promotional offers being applied on making the booking. The deposit will be the equivalent value of one night's stay.

By default, the type of staying is always bed and breakfast. The balance for services and consumption will be invoiced according to what each guest has availed of and used.

Cancellation policy


  • A 100% deposit refund will be made where the cancellation has been made with 30 or more days' notice.
  • A 50% deposit refund will be made where a cancellation has been made giving between 7 and 30 days' notice.
  • Where the cancellation is made giving less than 7 days' notice, a full 100% of the deposit will be charged.
  • In the event of a no-show, a full 100% of the deposit will be charged.
  • In the event of an unexpected departure, a minimum of two nights will be charged.

Any bank charges arising from cancellations shall be borne by the client. In every instance, a corresponding invoice will be sent to the address given by the guest on making the registration booking.

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